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Hi, I am Petra and I have been involved in advertising and marketing for 25 years.

I help ambitious entrepreneurs to

  • develop their business through strategic and consistent branding, 

  • set up a long-term marketing plan,

  • attract new customers,

  • improve their market position,

  • and therefore increase their profits in a targeted way. 

I have worked for renowned agencies and for more than 110 local and international brands as strategist, COO and client service director (Creo/Young&Rubicam, Publicis/Knut).

For the last 12 years I've been looking after my own portfolio of clients in the field of strategic brand building and branding and consider myself a brandpassionist:) 

By using strategic tools, we thus better leverage the brand's commercial potential in collaboration with the client to improve business results.

Book in the blue scene_Snímka obrazovky 2022-11-18 o 13.48_edited.jpg

and let's talk about your brand

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