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How does it look with DOOH and AI? The future promises a symbiosis of innovation in the advertising

In recent years, we have witnessed tremendous advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on various industries. This has caught some people more by surprise, as AI has only been addressed intensively and openly in the last couple of years. What will it bring to the DOOH?

Well, honestly, DOOH is one of the fields that have been benefiting from AI and its predecessors for a long time. Let's take a look at what other benefits AI can bring to OOH/DOOH and how it will further transform the way we view content out there.

First and foremost, thanks to advances in AI, OOH/DOOH will push the levels of efficiency and personalization even further.

Targeting, personalization, face identification: artificial intelligence can analyze large amounts of data and identify patterns and trends in target audience behavior. It can just as easily identify whether a face is male or female and even classify the occluder into age categories. Based on this data, advertising can be precisely targeted to a specific group of people and tailored to their preferences and needs.

We at Lurity had this tweak before the corona era, but due to the veils interfering with the ability to identify facial features (age, gender), this functionality became irrelevant.

Interaction and engagement: using AI, it is possible to create interactive ads that engage and involve viewers. For example, touchscreens, motion sensors or facial recognition allow interaction and personalisation of content based on audience reactions.

Real-time content optimization: thanks to AI, it is possible to track viewer behavior and analyze ad effectiveness in real time. Based on this data, ad content can be dynamically optimised and adapted for maximum impact.

Contextual relevance: AI can collect contextual data, such as weather, traffic or the current time, and adapt ads according to these factors. This means that ads can be relevant and more relevant to reach viewers at any given moment. An example of this is our live feed advertising, which is particularly appreciated by travel agencies or bookmakers.

Measurability and analytics: AI allows us to collect and analyse a huge amount of data on ad viewership, interaction and conversions. This data helps marketers better understand the effectiveness of campaigns and optimise them for better results.

Artificial intelligence expands the dimension of efficiency, personalization and interaction in OOH and DOOH. Targeting, real-time content optimization, contextual relevance and measurability are just some of the benefits AI brings to OOH advertising. With its growing popularity and advancements, we will be able to look forward to even better and more engaging ad campaigns that effectively reach the audience out there and deliver high value to the advertising industry.

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